Machining Services

  • If you are a Purchasing Agent, Plant Manager, Project Engineer, Business Owner and have a one-time or an ongoing requirement for machining services I shall be happy to quote quantities for you from (1) to ______ (NO MINIMUM or MAXIMUM ORDER!).  Need assistance with a retrofit project?  Give me a call.
  • If you are a Maintenance professional I may be able to help you lower maintenance costs by working with you to find common sense solutions that include substantial savings on OEM replacement parts for your production process equipment. Quite often just a slight design change or change in material can dramatically increase part life and effectively minimize down time.
  • If you are a Private Inventor and need machining services for your project or prototype, proof-of-concept part or machine and don’t have CAD or professional drawing, I can do your machining work from conventional drawings, verbal descriptions, or rough sketches.  If required I will work with you to assist with your design and concept requirements which often include producing prototype parts, assemblies, and models.

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